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Workshops, Seminars & Presentations

I have been a supervisor for 15 years and have been to many seminars, but I still learned a lot. Ted Williams is an excellent instructor
Marlys West
Amoco Corporation

Ted was excellent! I could/would listen to him as long as he would speak
Bernie Dowd
Farmland Insurance

Ted, you gave the participants many immediately useful “pearls of wisdom”, in the session you presented at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Nashville. It was a resounding success.
Gale Pearson, Program Chair
American Society of Association Executives

The evaluations have come in and the response was very favorable to continue to have these workshops in the future. This is due largely to your well-received session.
Melissa Forburger, Executive Director
Air Courier Conference of America

I want to personally thank you for your presentation on Saturday to speak to our Upward Bound students and their parents. The staff informed me that you were dynamite! The parents and students are still talking about the experience
Mary L. Chapman, Vice President
Community Outreach

From all reports, the Atlanta Convention was one of the most successful we have ever had. Your presentation was one of the highlights of the meeting.
Nancy A. Berry, CAE,CMP
Director of Meetings & Conventions
National Association of Physician Recruiters

Ted, you more than met my expectations; I have received several favorable comments from various members. The insightful and practical concepts you have conveyed about human resources management was most meaningful to those in attendance. I know I have found myself looking at human resources issues from a broader organizational perspective rather than just top down.
David C. Scroggins, MBA, CPA,CPBC
Program Chair
Society of Professional Business Consultants

I am writing to congratulate you on your wonderful evaluation ratings at CUPA’s National Convention. You were one of the highest-ranked speakers! Because our members responded so well to your session, I would like to invite you to write an article, based on the information you presented for possible publication in a future issue of our quarterly academic publication the CUPA Journal.
Audrey Rothstein,
Director Communications
College and University Personnel Association

Attendee evaluations of the meeting were very good and your participation as a featured speaker, as well as the excellent information and insight that you provided, contributed to those high marks.
Melissa Barcellos, Assistant Director
National Association of Healthcare Consultants

The 27th annual North Idaho College Popcorn Forum was a great success. The content was excellent as reflected by comments from many of these people in attendance. You had a special role in that success as a keynote speaker and panelist. I was so pleased with your presentation. It was of great substance. Our audience learned much and the quality of education was enhanced at NIC. The TV interview was very comprehensive and informative. The viewers enjoyed the interview
Tony Stewart, Ph.D., Chair
NIC Popcorn Forum

Your presentation was excellent. Members left your presentation feeling motivated and well informed.
Joan S. Mleko, CPA. President
Society of Medical-Dental Management Consultants

Ted, you were the hit of the show. What can I say? Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us at Vancouver. If the consulting profession doesn’t work out for you, there’s always room as a stand-up comic. You have a unique ability to present unpleasant and often complex information in a friendly format.
Steven Leininger, CPA
Program Chair
Society of Professional Business Consultants

HR Client Comments

Ted, I would like to stop and take a moment to comment, and to thank you and your colleague, Nancy on the professional, proficient, and usable Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook you did for AEP, Inc. and our affiliated company Doctors Billing Services, Inc. The handbooks have proven to be valuable tools in the everyday management of both of our organizations
Stan Sayles,

Thank you! In my experience it is extremely unusual to have a set of personnel policies that both staff and management like and use that also assures compliance with the legal requirements regarding personnel issues. They are even specific to our company’s specialized needs, rather than being some “boiler plate” that exists in a consultant’s computer. I have been especially pleased with the training that you have provided to our supervisors and managers. Your immediate and inexpensive availability also gave the managers the confidence to handle situations by themselves. As a result they gained increased respect from their staff as well as improving their own self-image. In addition, through your one-on-one guidance in the resolution of actual issues they received enhanced training and invaluable experience.
Dean Simonich,
Executive Vice President
Spectra Laboratories

Ted, the employee handbook that you prepared for Growers Produce is excellent. This handbook has become one the most important tools for our managers. Also the training seminar that you conducted for us was informative, educational and extremely entertaining. To this day managers feel that your seminar was one of the best they have attended.
Anthony C.C. Mar, CEO
Growers Produce, Inc.

I would like to thank you for the invaluable assistance and guidance that you have provided to management and the Board of Directors during the last three and one-half years. We are delighted to have such a professional, thorough Human Resources Policies and Procedures handbook in place to answer employee’s questions, insure consistent treatment of staff, and most of all, make sure that we are in compliance with constantly changing laws and regulations. We appreciate your emphasis upon prevention of employee relations problems and your availability to explain the reason and necessity for certain policies and how they can be used to better manage and motivate employees.

The wage and salary system that you designed has really helped us achieve consistency in recognition of employee performance and increased employee morale. Most of all, the Board and I are grateful for your ability to help us comprehend what can be a complex subject for lay people.
Lee Hawkins,
General Manager
East Palo Alto Sanitary District

I am pleased to be able to recommend a new sexual harassment program designed by The Williams Group. We were looking for a cost-effective way of meeting an immediate need for a workshop that was not available in our local area. This program is web-based and provides on-line, real-time workshops to anyone, anywhere in the world. This workshop was timely, cost effective and efficient in meeting our immediate training need.
Amy Diamond Barnes, Associate Vice President,
Human Resources
Colgate University

Positive enthusiastic speaker who was full of energy with tons of valuable experience.
Marilyn Hereck
HR Manager
Kutak Rock Attorneys-at-Law

Ted, thank you very much for your participation in the workshop “Making It Happen” at the League’s 104th Annual Conference & Exhibit. I just finished reviewing the evaluation forms and your section drew very high marks from participants. The Annual Conference is the League’s premier training event for local officials and the participation of quality presenters like you on quality topics is essential. Thank you for helping make this a very successful meeting.
Andi Stewart
Conference Coordinator
Iowa League of Cities

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