Seminar Mgt 107


Seminar Mgt 107

Managing a Diverse Workforce-Impacts and Rewards

Course Content:
Cutting edge companies in today’s marketplace realize that the customer is king and queen. Workplace diversity may be the edge that allows your company to not only survive but prosper. Talented employees whose contributions assist the company to better serve the customer are highly valued and prized. Consequently, race, gender, age, nationality and persons who are differently-abled are oftentimes the difference that makes the difference in your organization’s success.
You will learn how to:

  • Lead, coach, manage and mold individuals who are different into an efficient and focused work group with a common goal to in order to produce a product or service that meets and surpasses customer demands.
  • Role play and interact in realistic situations that will further enhance and increase your skills as a leader of a diverse workforce

Who should attend?

Senior and middle management as well as supervisors and entry-level managers needing to understand the dynamics of diversity and how it can be used as a key organizational tool to achieving and maintaining organizational primacy in the global marketplace.

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