Seminar Mgt 104


Seminar Mgt 104

Team Building: Strategies that Strengthen Your Organization

Course Content:
The ability to assemble and transform individuals into an effective, efficient and productive team involves expertise, skill and a true understanding of the human condition. It can’t be accomplished by accident or serendipity; it requires effort, energy and commitment.

You will learn:

  • The types of teams
  • How to develop the skills needed to be a successful team leader
  • How to define your team’s purpose
  • Ways to communicate the team’s purpose to others in order to achieve optimum performance and productivity
  • How many should be on a team
  • How to use individual differences for collective advantage
  • The nine components effective teams need
  • How to build and maintain team trust
  • How to deal with non-contributing team members
  • To identify and address the six team-building issues

Who should attend?

Managers and employees who are current team members or will be on teams and managers and employees interested in learning about the key components to successful team approach.

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