Seminar Mgt 203


Seminar Mgt 203

Sexual Harassment/Harassment in the Workplace: Combat Strategies

Course Content:
Harassment is unacceptable conduct in the workplace. It is an extremely costly act. No employer can condone this behavior. This workshop will cover the policies and procedures necessary to ensure a harassment free workplace.

You will learn:

  • To look out for the symptoms of harassment in the workplace
  • The laws covering the prohibition of sexual harassment
  • EEOC guidelines regarding harassment
  • What employer policies and procedures constitute an effective employer position on harassment
  • How to respond to an allegation of harassment
  • How to conduct a successful sexual harassment investigation that protects the rights of the alleged harassee as well as the rights of the alleged harasser.
  • How to work with the HR department and legal counsel to resolve harassment issues

Who should attend?

Human resources professionals and managers and supervisors concerned about the potential for sexual harassment/harassment claims as well as those who would like to develop a harassment-free environment.

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