Seminar Mgt 205


Seminar Mgt 205

Investigations: Why, How and by Whom

Course Content:

Recent Court decisions have indicated that it is an employer’s duty to conduct a proper investigation in a timely manner when there are claims of wrong-doing, harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the legal “land mines” attendant with investigations
  • Plan an investigation strategy that allows you to effectively and efficiently interview the complainant, the accused and appropriate witnesses while getting the real story
  • Work with the various internal departments and legal counsel regarding the investigative process
  • Maintain confidentiality when working with outside subject matter experts, agencies and others as appropriate
  • Take the critical steps necessary to ensure that your organization is not at risk
  • Compile and analyze physical, documentary and non-physical evidence
  • Prepare a draft of your final report with appropriate recommendations and actions to be taken
  • Manage the workplace and external media information process

Who should attend:

Human resources professionals, managers and individuals charged with the task of properly conducting and documenting investigations.

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