Seminar Mgt 208


Seminar Mgt 208

Auditing Your Company’s HR Function: – How, Where, When and Why

Course Content:
No organization survives or prospers without an intense inward look into its organizational mission, operations and performance. Since 40-60% of an entity’s expenses are dedicated to its workforce it makes good business sense to audit, from time-to-time, the Human Resources Department since it is this unit’s purpose to provide advice, support, guidance and leadership to the organization’s workplace and workforce performance initiatives.

You will learn:

  • The steps needed to properly audit the HR function
  • How to identify and enhance those HR processes, functions and activities that add value to an organization’s strategic plan
  • How to identify and modify or eradicate those practices and procedures that do not add value to the overall strategic plan
  • How to communicate to others audit results, findings and the steps to be taken to implement needed changes
  • How to design an on-going audit and update procedure.

Who should attend?

Individuals responsible for the effectiveness of the human resources management function.

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