Seminar Mgt 404


Seminar Mgt 404

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making – How the Pros Do It

Course Content:
Many managers look at adverse situations as problems rather than as opportunities to grow and expand the possibilities. Others deny the presence of problems. Still others are often the very cause of the problem. Today’s organizations are not looking for problems but for problem-solvers with solutions.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome self-imposed limitations to problem-solving
  • The five steps to turning problems into opportunities
  • Spot the six pitfalls to avoid in the problem-solving process
  • How to identify the positive and negative reactions to problem-solving
  • How to deal with your boss when s/he is the problem
  • How to develop and maintain an Action Plan to reduce, resolve or minimize problems

Who should attend?

Managers, supervisors, human resources professionals and trainers who realize the criticality of learning, utilizing and teaching the problem-solving process.

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