Employee Development Seminars

The following seminars and workshops are offered to current and new clients. The average seminar length is 1 to 4 hours and is accompanied by participant workbooks, case studies, interactive break-out-sessions and training film as appropriate. Many clients request a combination of seminars over a one to four day period. Seminars are also custom-designed to meet specific and unique client needs.

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Seminar Mgt 101 Basic Supervision for New Managers & a Tune Up for Veteran Managers
Seminar Mgt 102 Leadership – A Lost Art Recovered
Seminar Mgt 103 Coaching For Champions
Seminar Mgt 104 Team-Building Strategies that Strengthen Your Organization
Seminar Mgt 105 Change: Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks Especially When The Big Dawg Barks!
Seminar Mgt 106 Motivation – A Soft Skill Leading to Hard Dollars
Seminar Mgt 107 Managing a Diverse Workforce – Impacts and Rewards
Seminar Mgt 108 Recruitment, Interviewing & Retention – Choice or Chance?
Seminar Mgt 109 Performance Evaluations: Learn How You Can Use This Key Organizational Tool
Seminar Mgt 110 Employee Handbook Design: Policies, Procedures and Past Practices

Seminar: Mgt 201 Employee Discipline for Results Not Punishment
Seminar Mgt 202 Terminations: Done with Documentation, Dignity and Dispatch
Seminar Mgt 203 Sexual Harassment/Harassment in the Workplace: Combat Strategies
Seminar Mgt 204 Workplace Violence: There’s No Place for This in Our Workplace!
Seminar Mgt 205 Investigations: Why, How and by Whom
Seminar Mgt 206 The FMLA, ADA & Workers’ Compensation: Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd
Seminar Mgt 207 Affirmative Action – Something for Us All
Seminar Mgt 208 Auditing Your Company’s HR Function – How, Where, When and Why
Seminar Mgt 209 Risk Management and the HR Component
Seminar Mgt 210 Change Management & Today’s Marketplace: Precepts, Proficiencies, Method & Skills

Seminar Mgt 301 The Merits of Mentoring: An Old Way to Arrive at New Heights
Seminar Mgt 302 Succession Planning, the Future and Your Organization
Seminar Mgt 303 Employees as Participating Partners – The Real Paradigm
Seminar Mgt 304 The Workforce, The Workplace & The New Economy
Seminar Mgt 305 Conducting the Band: Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce
Seminar Mgt 306 Managing Conflict & The Difficult Employee – Where Did Civility Go?
Seminar Mgt 307 Time Management: More Than A Process – It’s a Way to Do Business
Seminar Mgt 308 Project Management – A Management Tool for the Millennia
Seminar Mgt 309 Process Improvement: Pathway to Profits

Seminar Mgt 401 Safety for Your People and Compliance with Mandated Regulations
Seminar Mgt 402 Substance Abuse Procedures & Testing
Seminar Mgt 403 Communications Skills, Techniques and Approaches
Seminar Mgt 404 Problem-Solving and Decision Making – How The Pros Do It
Seminar Mgt 405 Customer Service
Seminar Mgt 406 Coding, Record-Keeping and Collections (Healthcare)
Seminar Mgt 407 Workplace Negotiations: A Powerful Leadership Tool

Seminar Schedule

Each workshop usually begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. There is usually a one-hour lunch break and two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The Williams Group is amenable to timeframe modifications that best suit client needs. The client is responsible for consultant travel, lodging and meals.


The client company is encouraged to select at least four and no more than five of the Management Seminar topics listed above to be presented that day by the consultant. Workshops are interactive, topical and timely. The learning experience will be enhanced by a combination of lecture, educational film, realistic case studies and participant role-playing. These workshops will be tailored to underscore and highlight unique issues, initiatives and challenges specific to your workplace. There will be a Question & Answer period at the end of the session.


A Workbook will be provided to the client well in advance of the date of the scheduled workshop so that it can be copied and distributed to workshop participants. These workbooks have been licensed to the client and are for client use only.

Multiple Client – Joint Partnering

Oftentimes clients find it more economical to partner in management and staff development costs. Therefore, when The Williams Group is requested to conduct a workshop for the employees of two or more employers all attempts will be made to accommodate the joint request.

Each daily workshop can accommodate a maximum of 35 employees from the partnering organizations. The Williams Group will work with a representative from the lead organization regarding workshop location and amenities. Each company will have a separate Letter of Understanding with The Williams Group regarding their portion of the workshop fee.

Presentations and Speeches:

The workshops and seminars listed above can also be tailored and customized for a condensed 1-2 hour presentation that will highlight the most relevant and pertinent aspects and components of the subjects to be discussed. There is no limit to the number of presentation attendees.

Again, clients are encouraged to select three to four topics to be presented by The Williams Group consultant. The topics presented will be timely, topical, interesting, informational and educational and is guaranteed by The Williams Group. The Williams Group is amenable to designing and presenting specific subject matter and topics at client request.


The principal presenter is T. Hensley “Ted” Williams, J.D., Co-Principal of The Williams Group. Ted’s presentation skills combined with his command of the subject matter and his infectious sense of humor have won him accolades and kudos by such organizations as the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the National Association of Healthcare Consultants (NAHC), International Association of Officials of Human Rights Agencies (IAOHRA), the Air Couriers Conference of America (ACCA), the College and University Personnel Association (CUPA), the California Medical Billing Association (CMBA), the Society of Professional Business Consultants (SPBC), the annual “Popcorn Forum” of North Idaho College, the San Bernadino Community College District and others.


Presentation fees are negotiated.

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