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Executive Agreements with an Attendant Performance Appraisal Component 

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Executive Agreements with an Attendant Performance Appraisal Component

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Executive Agreements

The organizational health and increasing profit margins of all successful organizations are a direct result of the course and tone set by its leadership. Environments in which the best are encouraged to be the best, the good are shown how to be better and the average are permitted to stretch are the ones where everyone from the CEO to the custodian is held accountable for his or her work.

The Williams Group custom designs Employment Agreements and attendant Senior Management Performance Evaluations to ensure the successful recruitment and retention of top leadership. In addition, appropriate rewards and recognition for a job well done are identified and included in the Agreement.

When unacceptable work is identified and appropriate action is taken, it is taken in a non-disruptive firm manner that accord’s dignity to all parties and is consistent with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

The essence of the Agreement is the fact that leadership sets the example for its workforce by recognizing and rewarding performance, allowing for rehabilitation when possible and separation when there is non-performance.

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