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Workplace Workforce Management Program

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Workplace Workforce Management Program

Whether our client is a small and expanding entity with no HR department or a large organization with an overburdened HR component, The Williams Group will assist in providing the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support the company’s HR function. 

The Williams Group will:

  • Create a customized employee policies and procedures handbook; personnel forms and a supplementary supervisory handbook that details the “how to’s” and “do’s and don’ts” of effective leadership and coaching;

  • Design descriptive Job Summaries for all employee classifications;

  • Design and provide consultation on the employee performance review process;

  • Design and/or update/revise a comprehensive employee wage and salary program;

  • Consult on employee discipline and terminations to ensure that they are conducted appropriately and done in a well-documented manner in order minimize litigation;

  • Be available to provide assistance on other workplace/workforce matters;

  • Advise on changes in employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines, their impacts and effective dates; and

  • Confer with management regarding the initiation and implementation of new workplace/workforce initiatives.

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