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Far too many qualified and motivated professionals and technicians have been promoted or appointed to supervisory and management positions based solely on their past performance. The thought was that if they were good professionals or technicians they would also be good managers. Many of these managers were not provided with the proper management tools needed for success and consequently never fulfilled their potential or “burnt out.” Even the best professional needs management development. Also, many veteran managers, with years in management, have had no formal management education and development and are oftentimes fearful that their management decisions and actions may put the company and themselves at risk. Many are stressed out and are seriously considering leaving the management ranks. Today’s employers know that many good managers and leaders are not always born – they are also developed. You will learn: The key elements of supervision in the “New Economy” The five key components of the “New Workplace” How to incorporate and utilize the four new definitions of productivity Insight into the nature of tomorrow’s workforce What management and your staff expect from you and how to deliver it How to successfully develop and use a departmental Action Plan How to develop and use your personal Action Plan How to teach others to develop and follow-through on their individual and team Action Plans The most common management mistakes and pitfalls to avoid The difference between leadership and management and how to use both Why coaching individuals and teams is so highly coveted by today’s upper management The elements of successful employee motivation How to build and maintain credibility

Seminar Mgmt 101

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