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Anybody can browbeat, threaten and/or intimidate staff in order to obtain performance – but will the good ones remain and will the bad ones continue to take it? Employees need information, facts and examples of unacceptable performance before they can make behavior modifications. They need to know what they’re doing well and what they’re not doing well in order to meet your expectations. You will learn how to: Determine appropriate discipline Communicate to the employee the rule, regulation, policy, procedure or past practice that has been broken and is the reason for the discipline Tell sub-par non-performers what needs to be changed or corrected so that they can achieve optimum performance Discipline staff members regarding unacceptable behavior or conduct Avoid the “halo” and “horn” effect when disciplining employees Use praise in public and criticism in private Avoid being the “recipient” of the race, gender, age or disabled employee “card” when employees disagree with your disciplinary decision Properly document disciplinary action for remediation and/or termination

Seminar Mgmt 201

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