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Whether you are a large or small company located in an urban, suburban or rural locale, you are vulnerable to violence in the workplace. It may be due to your company’s policies, procedures or past practices. It may be due to personality clashes, perception of racism, sexism, religious bias, etc. It may have nothing to do with the workplace at all and is caused by the random acts of a troubled employee, employee spouse or friend or enemy of an employee. In any case, this issue is a real palpable concern of all organizations. Few are prepared to deal with workplace violence. You will learn: The most common causes of violence in the workplace and how to identify, prevent and/or remove them How to diffuse workplace violence and protect the safety of others and yourself as well That “John Wayne is dead” and no one else should die or get hurt due to management’s inability to manage conflict and violence in the workplace. Pay attention to what you see and hear in the workplace that could be the cause(s) of conflict and/or workplace violence How to keep your boss(es) abreast of your observations and the steps to be taken to remove or diffuse violence in the workplace How to work with HR and the authorities on issues of violence in the workplace

Seminar Mgmt 204

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