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Government, business, industry and individuals are each confronted with the fast moving and ever-present challenges presented by the global “New Economy.” The key components and demands of this New Economy are speed, information, quality and consistent customer service. No one is exempt from these constant demands. Individuals and organizations are currently in the process of designing and implementing strategies, steps and approaches to survival and success in this new environment. The foremost and most critical components to these initiatives are recognizing, understanding and embracing change. In this workshop you will learn: What is change management The inevitable and evolutionary aspects of change The realities of change which include: transitional, transformational and substitution of current practices, programs and systems How to measure the outputs and outcomes of change How to address emergent and long-term customer and marketplace imperatives How to deal with the multiple impacts of information technology and the accelerating pace of change in hardware and software which demands the constant acquisition of new skills Specific reasons for the design, development and administration of an articulated Change Management Initiative.

Seminar Mgmt 210

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