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In this age of reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and down-sizings, the ability to nurture, educate and develop management and staff employees seems to have been lost in the shuffle. Customer-driven companies are taking a step back in order to go forward by acknowledging the critical need to combine “high tech with high touch.” The formal and informal practice of mentoring is being hailed as a powerful tool for future planning, performance and company prosperity. You will learn: How others have implemented and maintained mentoring programs, both formal and informal The benefits they have received by instituting and maintaining mentoring programs How to sell the benefits of mentoring to upper management and/or to management and staff How to design and maintain an effective mentoring program How to identify potential mentors and mentees How to pair mentors with mentees How to develop a mentorship program that encompasses diversity, i.e., minorities, women and persons over 40, the disabled, etc.

Seminar Mgmt 301

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