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Learn about the changes that are occurring in the workplace and the impacts they are having on you and your workforce. Hear about “business necessity and best practices” from management consultants with clients in 18 different industries, e.g., entertainment, banking, healthcare, high tech, higher education, hospitality, information technology, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, etc. You will learn: How others are successfully embracing change The cause and reasons for resistance to change and how to overcome this recalcitrance Some of the practices they have instituted to maximize performance, productivity and profits Some of the traps and pitfalls they encountered as they began the change process The elements of process improvement and project management as tools used for productivity Tips, strategies and approaches to dealing with: 1) a diverse workforce; 2) “Generation X” employees, 3) governmental compliance; 4) managers and employees seemingly unable to embrace the unforgiving demands of the New Economy.

Seminar Mgmt 304

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