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For the first time in history there are four generations working side-by-side in the 21st century workplace. This difference in age, approach and outlook is causing a noticeable gap in performance, productivity and profits. The primary reason for this current situation is the lack of communication between and among these employee groups which ultimately affects the delivery of quality goods and services to unforgiving customers. If this situation is to change it can only occur with management leadership and input from all segments of today’s employee population. You will learn how to: Use specific strategies and approaches to successfully lead a multi-generational workforce Identify and purge those de-motivators that destroy employee morale Identify and utilize the correct motivators for Gen Y and Gen X’ers Identify and utilize the correct motivators for Baby Boomers and Optimals Optimize the practices of companies and organizations that have successfully maximized the collective skills mix of their multi-generational workforce Plan and implement a system that acknowledges that generational differences can lead to increased performance and profits Put exuberance in the workplace and reinvigorate the workforce while doing it

Seminar Mgmt 305

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