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A universal corporate problem is finding and maintaining effective solutions to workplace safety and reducing rising medical and healthcare costs associated with workplace illnesses and injuries. Many companies have “right-sized” their organizations to the point that complying with federal, state and local employee health and safety legislation is an administrative nightmare. Consequently, employee safety education and compliance doesn’t always get done when it should, which may result in a more costly problem. You will learn how to: Identify, develop and maintain an injury and illness prevention safety program that is in compliance with federal, state and local legislation Develop and conduct general health and safety training sessions Provide training on specific hazards Identify and educate employees regarding their responsibilities to prevent illness and injuries Communicate worksite hazards Educate employees on how to report worksite hazards Investigate injuries and illnesses Correct worksite hazards Learn when to evacuate the worksite Respond to fires, bomb threats, chemical spills earthquakes, workplace violence, etc Use ergonomics as a viable tool for arriving at the best possible fit between workers and the work they do. Manage RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury) Utilize factors to determine the viability of modifying work

Seminar Mgmt 401

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