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Everyone negotiates but unfortunately some negotiate very badly! Today’s workforce is highly educated, knowledgeable and sophisticated regarding workplace policies, procedures and past practices. Few realize that one of the key components of effective communication is the ability to successfully negotiate. Managers who still believe that they can demand work with the threat of termination or “because I said so” are not only missing the boat – they aren’t even aware that the ship has already left the dock. Successful, respected and effective leaders know that possessing good negotiating skills in today’s ever-changing and dynamic workplace is critical when working with subordinates, peers, superiors, vendors and ultimately – the customer. You will learn how to: Get what you want without being a jerk about it Understand the criticality of good negotiating skills Remove the fear of negotiating Say “no” when “yes” would be a complete disaster Say “yes” at the right time Plan a negotiating strategy and successfully carry it out Identify cultural, gender, age, class and racial barriers that often prevent successful negotiation Identify and satisfy the needs of those with whom you negotiate

Seminar Mgmt 407

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